Monday, August 13, 2018

Seo Best Tips

201 Strong SEO Tips (That Actually Work)

This Is the largest collection of search engine optimization tips on Earth.
The Finest part?
All Of the SEO techniques in this guide are 100% actionable.
So If you want higher rankings, check out the new manual.

Use Click Magnet sayings on Title Tags

"Click Magnet Words" are terms that usually attract clicks. When you use these in your name tag, then you can get clicks from Google key words.
Here Are some of my favorites:

  • New
  • Proven
  • Now
  • A number ("7 lbs." , "431 backlinks" etc.)
  • Free

Use SEMRush or Raven Tools to Look at Your Website for Errors

Is SEO significant to you? If this is so, run a monthly site audit with RavenTools or even SEMRush.
They'll Scan your website for mistakes...
...and Hook you up with humorous tips for fixing them.

Copy Adwords Ads for Highly-Clickable Title and Description Tags

Google Adwords advertisements are an untapped goldmine of words and phrases which you can use on your webpage's title and description tag.
(After All, these ads are super-optimized for clicks)
And When you use proven ad copy in your name and descriptions, you'll have a natural listing that stands out from the pack. Check out this video for a step-by-step guide to executing this SEO tip.

Make Social Sharing Buttons Super-Easy to Locate

I Can't tell you how often I've given up on sharing a piece of content because I had difficulty finding the talk buttons.
That's The reason why I use social sharing buttons which follow you down the page:

That Way, my article is ready to be shared whenever the mood strikes you.

Insert LSI Keywords to Your Content

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) key words are a fancy way of saying: "synonyms and closely-related phrases".
And When you add these in your content you help Google know what your webpage is all about. You can find LSI keywords in the bottom of the SERPs:

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